Bulkhead Repairs Part 1 2017

Land Rover Series 2a Bulkhead repair and fabrication. Land rover Series IIa restoration.


Land Rover Series 2a

Bulkhead Repair Part 1 - 2017

Door Pillars.

The replacement door pillars didn't have a good enough return on the channel that holds the door seal so I decided to make proper ones. So I ground the lip they had on off.

Attached a new piece of steel on, tacked then welded in sections to stop the pillar from warping.

I made a tool to turn up the edge, this took a lot of time and effort bending it just a few mm every time.

Once the lip was at a right angle it needed to be smoothed.

Using a small block of steel shaped to fit i the trough I could hammer the newly bent edge flat. At this point I was greatly thanking 'Project Binky' (the god of metal fabrication) and feeling pretty chuffed with myself.

Once done I had two perfect door pillars. It took and entire day to do just these two pillars?

Plug welds acting as spot welds. This baby will never come apart again.

The fitted door pillar with correct door seal lip.